The main objective of the Integral Program of Technological Adaptation for SMEs is to diminish the technological gap through the articulation between institutions, in order to offer them an integral support to the process of productivity improvement. Currently, the CEI is developing the pilot project of the program.

Technological adaptation refers to the development, incorporation and/or adaptation of technology, machinery or equipment, including ICT. This process may require the company to adapt to a new productive or commercial model, introduce organizational or management changes, train its personnel and/or resort to specialized technical assistance.

The support offered to companies benefiting from the programme includes the following stages:

  • It detects critical points in the company's production processes and suggests how to make them more efficient.
  • Identifies opportunities for technological improvement and innovation.
  • Proposes an action plan.
  • Indicates the most appropriate support instruments to execute the actions. In particular, technical assistance and training by INEFOP and financial instruments for the renewal of equipment provided by ANDE.
  • Elaborates a tentative budget for the execution of the technological adaptation plan.

It includes the analysis of alternatives to finance the estimated budget, considering the availability of own resources and the need for external financing.

The CEI provides support to obtain the subsidies or co-financing foreseen, accompanies the execution of the plan and evaluates the results achieved.

This program is carried out within the framework of the National Plan for Productive Transformation and Competitiveness of Transforma Uruguay (SNTPC). The National Development Agency (ANDE) and the National Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (INEFOP) are supporting the programme. More information here.