Organize work in the factory text in Spanish


Size and industry: SME - chemical industry

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Director: Juan Gastaldi

CEI’s services: Technological Diagnosis

“The CEI turned out to be a tremendous tool. We managed to reduce production costs by improving the planning of input purchases, based on the projection of the annual sales. We were able to organize the factory work, save time, plan the supplies orders for the year and be more efficient.”

Juan Gastaldi

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5S lean solution as a first step towards zero waste production text in Spanish

Enterprise: ARTOBE

Size and industry: SME - chemical industry

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

Director: Alejandro Gold

CEI’s services: Technological Diagnosis

“All the support provided by the CEI has been very useful for the company and for that we are very grateful.”

Alejandro Gold

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Accompany to achieve objetives text in Spanish

Enterprise: NATURALACT

Size and industry: SME - food industry

Location: Colonia, Uruguay

Director: Julio Rodríguez (socio)

CEI’s services: Technological Diagnosis

“The attention provided by the CEI was spectacular. A consultant visited three times our plant and made a diagnosis that opened our eyes; we realized we were failing in several things.”

Julio Rodríguez (socio)

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Building trust ties text in Spanish

Enterprise: PLAMET LTDA

Size and industry: SME - plastic industry

Location: Canelones, Uruguay

Director: Raúl Madeira

CEI’s services: Advisory Services on Economic Supports for Competitiveness and Connections with the academy.

"The CEI has many contacts, an interesting information network that sometimes you cannot access. I found it a very professional service"

Raúl Madeira

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