Reasons to use the Solution Finder (video in spanish)

The CEI developed a solution finder to attend industry demands.

How to use the Solution Finder? (video in spanish)

Connect with over 400 providers of finacial support, services, research and information to find solutions and opportunities for your bussines.

Linking industrial SMEs with policy tools and access to knowledge video in Spanish

Do you have an SME and want to improve your productivity? Look how the family business of Lucia and Gustavo took advantage of a set of policy-based support tools to grow.

Colors from Uruguay to the world
video in Spanish

This video shows the joint work of the CEI with the firm Infantozzi Plastic Expression Materials. What was the road traveled together? How does the CEI accompany the firm to obtain support, create networks or internationalize products?

Testimonial video about the CEI
video in Spanish

Entrepreneurs report on their experience with the CEI.

Partnership and trust: a strategy to grow video in Spanish

What happens when a group of SMEs works with common objectives? Learn about the joint work between the Uruguayan Association of Dairy Companies (AUPYL) and the CEI.

Academia – Enterprise:
speaking a common language
video in Spanish

How to link available knowledge with a specific technological demand of a company? Learn about the joint work between the CEI, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Production (IIMPI) of the Universidad de la Republica, and the firm Singular Housing.

What do firms think about the CEI?

video in Spanish

SMEs of the dairy industry present their view about the CEI.