Ágilmente is a program designed by the CEI to help small and medium-sized industrial enterprises incorporate innovation practices into their business processes. Participants are accompanied in a "build-measure-learn" cycle, during which a series of specific competencies are generated to turn innovation into a systematic and recurrent practice within the company.

The program is developed with seven collective workshops with the participating companies and several instances of mentoring in each company after each workshop. The implementation of the program by more than one company has the advantage of exchanging experiences and knowledge among participants, in addition to reducing fixed costs. The duration of the program is approximately eight months.

Ágilmente is divided into three modules that combine learning, reflection, organization and action:

  • The fundamentals of agile innovation and design thinking are shared with the participants.
  • Management is helped to define how innovation practice will be implemented, what its strategic commitment is and how to share it with employees.
  • The selection of a senior consultant (coach) and an innovation intern is facilitated.
  • New ideas are identified, developed and tested as a value-driven learning process.
  • A creative process that produces something new and valuable begins.
  • Analyzes what decisions to make to adjust value propositions and business models.
  • It gives an overview of the financing of innovation, presents the support available in the country and analyzes the most appropriate instruments for each company.
  • The company's innovation plan is reviewed.

The CEI is currently implementing the first edition of the Agile program with co-financing provided by the ANII to participating companies. The technical team is made up of:

CEI’s Facilitator: Ing. Quím. Andrea Píriz

Technical Coordinator: Dr. Ing. Pablo Darscht, MBA

Innovation coaches: one per company, to accompany it throughout the process with individual workshops and mentoring.

Interns: one per company, to provide logistical and administrative support.

Ágilmente is a program designed by the CEI in the framework of the Pilot Program for the Incorporation of Innovation Practices in Enterprises (PIPIE) of the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII). More information here.