This search engine can be used in two ways:

1) Enter keywords directly. This way is recommended if you know exactly what you are looking for.

2) Use filters that will help you find the information you need.

You might want to start by clicking a specific industry.


In any case, the first result will be a toolbox that includes four types of results, each one in a separate box:

-economic supports

-studies or research


-information sources

On the left side, you can see the number of results classified by business field of interest,


To refine the search, click on your particular field of interest.

Automatically the toolbox is updated and the results are distributed again by type, in the four boxes (economic support, studies or research, services, information sources). For example, when selecting Food Sector and then Markets as field of interest, the result is 58.

This number is the sum of the four kinds of results. 21+7+28+9 =65 


You now have the opportunity to include keywords that allow you to refine your search even more. Following the example, if you chose Food Sector → Markets, and as key words "Sensory evaluation", you will get more precise results (probably less results in each box).

If you wish to change the industrial sector or field of interest, you must first click on the cross next to the selection previously made.

Then you will be able to select a new sector and/or field of interest.


Within each type of results (boxes), the first five results will be listed and the rest is available by clicking on See more. Clicking on any result will bring you to the corresponding information sheet. 


The categories included in the information sheets slightly vary according to the type of results (economic support, studies or research, services, information sources). All search results can be printed or saved in PDF. You can also save the search URL (i.e., the web address that was generated in your browser) to open it at another time or share it with another person.

You can also enter the information sheet number to retrieve it later. For example, when typing # 1424 in the keyword search space, you will get back to that information. 


- If you want to know all economic supports offered by a specific institution, you can type the corresponding acronym (ANII, MIEM, INEFOP, etc.) in the initial keyword search space and you will obtain the corresponding list in the Economic support box.

- If you want to know all services provided by private firms that are included in the Solution Finder, you can type "private enterprises" or “private firms” in the initial keyword search space and you will get the corresponding list in the Services box.