UTEC-CEI cooperation agreement

On November 11, the cooperation agreement signed between the UTEC and the CEI began to be executed, whose main objective is the provision of technological services and the construction of extension capabilities by the Center's team in the territories of influence of UTEC.

The first activity carried out was a virtual training given by the facilitator Gabriel Herrera and directed to the Liaison Coordinators that operate in the territories of Fray Bentos and Rivera. During four instances, a tour was made through all the stages of the CEI's business service methodology, emphasizing the good practices developed by the Center and supporting the theoretical concepts with practical examples, sheets, bases, procedures and other specific materials.

When we asked the participants if they saw the transferred knowledge applicable, they gave the following testimonies:

"I think so, there are many things that we saw these days that will serve as a basis for putting together our own model."

“Without a doubt, not starting from a blank page, having the base even if we change it speeds up a lot, then it takes on life and you change. I also saw that outlining a process before writing it is much clearer and this approach is much more natural to me. First define the stages, the scheme, then write the procedures ”.

"They have given us operational tips and their experience that serve us: knowing how others did it gives us another security."

The next stage will take place between the months of February and July 2021 and will consist of accompanying the Coordinators in the implementation of their methodology in 5 companies distributed between the departments of Durazno, Rivera and / or Río Negro.

At the end of this cooperation process, UTEC and CEI intend to work on a joint service methodology for companies.

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