Course on costs and finance for MSMEs in the dairy sector

Within the framework of the Financial Culture Promotion Program carried out by the National Development Agency (ANDE), the CEI gave 25 MSMEs in the dairy sector a course on costs and finance during the months of July and August.

For this, we had the support of the Uruguayan Association of Dairy (AUPYL), the University of the Republic (UdelaR), who created a space for us in their Moodle learning platform, and was taught in conjunction with professors from the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) of Argentina.

The objective of the course was to incorporate knowledge and tools that would allow MSMEs to undertake improvements in terms of productivity and competitiveness.

It was divided into two large modules: costs and finance, in which basic tools were applied so that companies can identify and calculate costs and returns of various products as well as basic aspects associated with the financial management of the company.

It was carried out virtually and was structured in approximately 15 hours in five synchronized classes and four recorded classes of previous support.

The course was highly valued by MSMEs due to its application and view from the specificity of the production process, and also for the availability of tools for the implementation of a costing method such as the development of basic indices for monitoring the activity in terms of productivity and competitiveness.

We share some testimonies from the participants:

"The topic is of great value for the management of SMEs. Putting the topics discussed into practice can give results in the short term. The shared material is very good and serves as a consultation at hand".

"The most positive aspects of the course was the cost part, it is the part that interested me the most since in our company it is something where we are a bit lazy and it helped me to reinforce this topic. I recommend it because the classes are very pleasant and explanatory, and the teachers have all the availability to explain again any topic that we do not understand. "

"It is very applicable to our organization."

This course will have the self-administered version available through the UdelaR Moodle platform, being accessible to those who want to take the course in that modality.

From the CEI, we will be informing the steps to follow.

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